About Us

Who we are
The Bridge to Excellence Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization that was established in 2007 to raise funds to assist low income and other at-risk students in obtaining a high school diploma.  In many instances, high school students have had their education interrupted for reasons beyond their control.  Some dropouts have not been able to seek alternative means of continuing their education because of a lack of funds.  The Bridge to Excellence Foundation, Inc. seeks to eliminate financial barriers for students who are motivated to complete their high school education and earn a high school diploma in an e-learning environment.

Our mission
The Bridge to Excellence Foundation's mission is to provide an alternative program for motivated students to achieve economic independence and hope for a better life through education.

For the student, or parent of a student, who is having difficulty in the traditional school setting, the Foundation may be a bridge over their troubled waters.  Low-income and minority students are adversely impacted because there are few alternatives within their financial reach.  The Foundation seeks to eliminate financial barriers to a high school education.


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